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The scope of I2HOME is the Intuitive Interaction for Everyone with Home Appliances based on Industry Standards.
In this way I2HOME will make devices and appliances at home more accessible to persons with mild cognitive disabilities and older persons, using a new mainstream user interface standard – the Universal Remote Console (URC) standard.

Although focusing on the needs of these specific user groups, the results to be achieved are applicable in the much wider context spread out by topics like Home Automation, Intelligent Environments and Ambience, Intelligent Environments the Automobiles, and a series of others.

Hence, the project can provide the technological basis for quite a many applications that can be derived from the very flexible concept on which the project bases – the Universal Remote Console.

The approach of I2HOME can be considered in line with the vision of ambient intelligence and therefore contributes to the opportunity for Europe to reposition itself for the next generation of generic products and services building on a large user industry and service providers.

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i2home in the news

In January, the European Commission launched a news item on i2home that can be found at

i2home has been mentioned for his significant contribution in the field of Ambient Assisted Living, namely what concerns the improvement of elderly and disabled people's lives.


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i2home in CORDIS News

i2home in CORDIS News - Project Results

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BBC News i2home video

Video filmed during i2home final review by a BBC News team

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i2home radio interview for Insight Radio

i2home radio interview for Insight Radio ( )

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Web Access Symbol (for people with disabilities)  web concept: meticube

This research is funded by the EU 6th Framework Program under grant FP6-033502(i2home).
The Responsability lies with the authors.